Case 1: Building Brands and Products with Integrity

Opportunity: A retailer, distributor, or consumer products company wants to develop new brands and products to attract new customers and offer clean label/ organic, locally grown, fresh and convenient products.


  • Create a brand positioning to build a sustainable competitive advantage using a formal briefing, ideation, and testing process.
  • Develop in-store experience and communications plan to retain customers and gain new ones.
  • Define new brand guidelines and products on time and within budget.

Graham's leadership and project management skills where critical to delivering Nature's Promise on time and on budget."

Former VP of Private Label at Northeast Grocery Chain


  • Use Market analysis and market visits to identify assortment and quantify sales potential. Interview customers on line to confirm product acceptance, purchase intent and customer education and communication programs required.
  • Use Stage Gate project management system to show critical path, resource usage, and financial budget implications. Use latest GS1 and space planning techniques to insure sales implementation success.

Thanks to Graham and his team Nature's Promise is now a multimillion dollar brand. His insight into the brand values and the extension into perishable categories have resulted into a great brand franchise."

SVP Perishables at Northeast Grocery Chain


  • Roll out a new brand across 12 categories and 150 products within a year.
  • Build credible brand integrity to guide sourcing and development decisions.
  • Launched as a model and best practice for developing and supporting brands in-store and building following on social networks

Sustainable Innovations™ was integral in helping the retailer define the strategy, develop a brand experience, manage a full and completely successful project, and maintain an on-going commitment to the brand. Sustainable Innovations™ - Partnerships for a better tomorrow.

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