Case 2: Ingredients with Integrity

Opportunity: Consumers are looking for healthy choices , cleaner product labels and to experience authentic ingredients and flavors. Brands and retailers are looking to offer healthier food choices, and methods to guide consumers to healthy food choices, differentiating themselves from their competitors.

Health ingredients bring added credibility to a retailer's healthy labeling and own label programs.


  • Develop nutritional brand guidelines that are verifiable and measurable and work with suppliers to develop alternatives to salt, sugars and fats, reducing risks associated with chronic diseases.
  • Identify new multifunctional ingredients like yogurts, yeasts, super-fruits and fiber ingredients that have multiple flavor and form enhancing properties in food.
  • Working to bring new processing and ingredient extraction technologies and products to use in mainstream food formulas like PAC’s in Fruit juices.

Sustainable Innovations has been a key partner in helping us identify retail programs and suppliers that could manufacture our products, and developing marketing programs to communicate unique product benefits"

Sales Director of Biotech Company


  • Developing and implementing unique and scalable fruit extraction ingredients for beverage companies.
  • Implementing consumer health information programs for new ingredients and traditional foods that contain high nutritional value.
  • Develop cholesterol lowering dairy products using sterol/stanols ingredients for a major retail chain.

Graham understands formulating and developing products with nutraceutical ingredients and designing a program that works for the manufacturer and retailer"

Healthy Living Director, European Grocer

Sustainable Innovations™ is helping brands and retailers to define their health strategy, develop a brand experience, manage a successful project, and maintain an on-going commitment to the brand. Partnerships for a better tomorrow.

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