Case 3: Marketing with Integrity

Opportunity: Brands need a guiding framework to position their benefits effectively and differentiate their uniqueness in a compelling way to the consumer. This means building sales while you build brand image and customer loyalty using Social Networking and new media techniques.

We look for brands that are interested taking their product, promotion and distribution strategy to the next level.


  • Develop a marketing channel and strategy for company or brand in relation to competition, risks, and opportunities.
  • Conduct field research with decision makers on categories and brands to position sales and marketing presentations.
  • Design and execute a distribution strategy to achieve corporate goals.
  • Develop a new media and social networking strategy to support brand launch with testimonials and positive buzz.

Results: Sustainable Innovations has helped large and small companies alike communicate inspiring human interest-stories, promote the positive impacts of sustainable practices, and improve food/diet to alleviate symptoms of illness and improve health. Sustainable Innovations™ likes to work with brands that have a soul, values and a personal health and sustainability concept. Sustainable Innovations™ gets involved at an early stage to provide brand positioning and product customization, recommend distribution strategies and developing and entry strategy for a new product or company. Sustainable Innovations™ - Partnerships for a better tomorrow.

Sustainable Innovations helped us realize which brand benefits of Healthy Oceans® were unique and how we could maximize sales opportunities in the retail sector"

Marketing Manager, Seafood Company

Sustainable Innovations understands the uniqueness of our product and supply chain situation and finds us unique partners to work with in both these critical areas."

President, Frozen Vegetable Company

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