Case 4: Supply Chain Integrity

Wal-Mart Direct Farm Team and Technoserve in Costa Rica
Wal-Mart Direct Farm Team and Technoserve
in Costa Rica

Opportunity: Getting the best use of high cost raw materials, assuring integrity and quality, and minimizing waste and recovery of all inputs are important activities for modern supply chains to manage. Tracking inputs, measuring their use and allowing customers to see the benefits builds trust and credibility. Many brands are using the benefits of transparency to improve and secure their core business areas.

Sustainable Innovations helped us build a plan to address gaps in our coffee supply plan and how we could expand our farmer support to build scale and supply across our supply chain."

VP Communications, Multinational Fast Casual Restaurant Chain


    reusable bags
  • Using supply chain mapping, ISO and WRI reporting standards to measure and understand risks and opportunities and develop plan addresses largest impact areas.
  • Using material management and product life cycle software to re-engineer our processes to reduce cost and waste.
  • Develop and implement plans to recycle/re-use by-product materials using capture, preservation, and extraction technologies.
  • Develop and implement efficient energy capture and re-use techniques for energy and water.
  • Address new food safety standards, energy credits, and supplier efficiencies to make your business more sustainable.

biodegradable packagingResults: Heightened consumer awareness,globalization pressures, government regulations on food and product safety, and institutional demands for sustainable sourcing are stimulating boardrooms to develop sustainability strategies and programs. Developed plans to help companies understand supply chain risks and opportunities are keys to designing an effective strategy. Testing the strategy, and developing reporting and management systems to support credible claims are critical elements for this plan.

Explaining Traceability to McDonalds and SCAN Project

Sustainable Innovations helped us understand the risks in our cocoa supply chain, and how we could establish a traceability program and scale it across our supply chain."

VP Communications, Multinational Chocolate Company

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