Case 5: Global Agricultural Innovation

Columbian Coffee farmers
Colombian Coffee Gauchos, Manizales

Opportunity: With the planet running out of arable land, and population growing, how do we develop new farmers and create responsible food systems that provide safe, quality, low-cost food? How do we create a business environment that supports hired labor, provides supply chain and training to help the farmer succeed? How do we attract new entrepreneurs to organic, sustainable farming or to processing and adding value to farm products?

Domest Agriculture Innovation Working across agricultural industries from farm owners, labor groups, NGOs and produce sellers, Sustainable Innovations focuses on GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) to increase productivity and quality, driving social and environmental improvements in the agricultural sector.


  • Developed business plan and raised capital for a multi-stakeholder community initiative with a natural retailer, a local agricultural college, organic produce and livestock suppliers and an organic fertilizer company.
  • Managed project for a pasture raised organic beef and poultry farm, and on-farm meat processor with closed loop waste management.
    • Developed capital plan for fishery community to attract investment in value added processing and fertilizer plant
    • Developed market for new fruit drying technology to reduce food waste and increase new ingredient capacity.

In store communicationSustainable Innovations™ developed a plan to demonstrate to the agricultural community that Organic and Sustainable methods could generate economic value for all participants. This plan included the shared services, processing assets and partnerships to secure success. Sustainable Innovations™ - Partnerships for a better tomorrow.

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