Food Technology Exchange (FTX)

Food Technology ExchangeThe Food Technology Exchange (FTX) introduces innovative Canadian functional food ingredients to improve the nutritional properties of food and beverages.

FTX at Pepperidge
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FTX at Guelph Food Technology Centre FTX at Guelph Food Technology Centre FTX at Guelph Food Technology Centre

The Market for Functional and Natural Health Foods is projected to be $128B by 2015 (PWC 2009 study), is growing fast at 12.5 % worldwide and the US accounts for 50% of the global market in functional foods.

Sustainable Innovations™ helps to form commercial partnerships between Canadian ingredient, process technologies, and U.S. food manufacturers.

Sustainable Innovations™ supports this process with partnering meetings, organizing learning journeys to research and development centers, structured innovative (SIT) sessions, and web-based concept testing.

Sustainable Innovations™ offers brand and program development to bring these innovations successfully to market.

The US Food Technology Exchange (FTX) Initiative Phase 4 seeks potential innovation, R&D and commercialization partnerships as well as supply opportunities for Canadian companies and institutions that produce innovative ingredients and IP in the food technology area. The valuable part of the FTX program is the unique "market pull" framework for generating potential matches between US and Canadian companies, rather than a "technology push" from the Canadian side. The US companies are first probed about their technical, strategic or product needs, which are further defined as the basis for selecting and approaching potential Canadian participants.

Some of the Canadian companies involved are:
  • Nutra CanadaNutra Canada is specialized in the production of high-quality extracts from fruits, vegetable and medicinal plants. For example Cranberries, Wild Blueberries and Orleans Strawberries are processed into standard powder, liquid extracts for foods and beverages.
  • RadientRadient produces high value natural substances by uniquely combining Microwave Assisted Processing (MAP™), a patented extraction platform. MAP™ is comprised of a portfolio of 12 core technology patents that the Company has licensed from Environment Canada. Radient's competitive advantages include some combination of: Increased compound selectivity, recovery, and purity; Efficient single stage extraction leading to increased processing speed and reduced solvent and energy usage; Ease of commercial scaleability and reduced capital cost; Reduced heat degradation of sensitive molecules.
Ingredient Improvement
  • EnwaveEnwave: Providing Radiant Energy Vacuum ("REV") Dehydration Technology systems. Enwave is a Vancouver-based industrial technology company, and UBC spin-off, with a new proprietary method of drying food, bulk liquids, biological and pharmaceutical material. Large, diverse global markets use drying to extend shelf-life, reduce shipping & storage costs, and create novel products.
  • BioNeutra Vitasugar VitaSugar™ is a naturally sweet fiber made from a variety of starch sources (cereal or pulse crops). VitaSugar™ is an isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO), a mixture of short chain carbohydrates, composed of glucose units that are linked in a unique way, rendering them resistant to digestive enzymes. These resistant carbohydrates stimulate healthy gut bacteria are called pre-biotics. VitaSugar/VitaFiber™ is ideal for use in beverage applications because of it’s stability profile at pH’s as low as pH (2.0) and high temperature. At this acidic pH, other sweeteners degrade. VitaSugar™ can be used as a low-calorie natural health sweetener with 1:1 substitution of sucrose (with only 25% calories of sugar).
  • AbiasaAbiasa Abiasa supplies high quality ingredients and technical support in the area of probiotics, ferments and enzymes, particularly in the dairy sector. Abiasa is thus able to alter the taste, firmness and appearance between different cheeses. They work with bacteria that, once added to a dairy product, give the latter certain distinct properties. In addition to dairy products, the bacteria produced by Abiasa are likewise added to delicatessen and animal feed to prevent other kinds of noxious bacteria from proliferating in them.
    Abiasa's activities are focused in two sectors: industrial products and cottage-type products. In the industry segment, the company offers totally natural ingredients of the highest quality, as well as personalized technical support. The relationship with the customer begins with an idea or a question, and the Abiasa team takes over to develop a satisfactory formula, and this, in a strictly confidential fashion.
    In contrast to its industrial products, the firm's cottage-type products are made directly for the final consumer, so that the latter may make their own yogurt, cheese and kefir, rich in added value.
    Abiasa is a company that has worked and utilized the services of the Food Research and Technology Center at St. Hyacinthe.
  • CeaproCeapro  Ceapro is a Canadian biotechnology company with headquarters in Edmonton, AB, a production facility in Leduc, AB, and research laboratories in Edmonton and Charlottetown, PE. Ceapro's focus is in developing and commercializing therapeutic ingredients for human and animal health markets through the use of proprietary technology and renewable and sustainable resources. Major focus is on cosmetics and personal care products, but the active ingredients also have value-added functional food market potential.
    Ceapro is an expert in the development and commercialization of innovative active ingredients from oats and other renewable plant resources. Two particular examples: they have a strong focus on oat and oat extracts such as avenanthramides, beta glucan, oat oil, and oat peptides. They are also developing a high rosmarinic acid extract (anti-oxidant) from a unique variety of spearmint with secondary targets additionally identified.
    Ceapro has world class expertise in the area of “specialized oat products” and has developed its own purification and manufacturing technologies. Ceapro is the only commercial manufacturer of avenanthramides- a small molecule unique to oats with multiple health benefits. Ceapro has exclusive license for unique variety of spearmint and the high content of active ingredients versus other plant sources provides potential for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Please contact me at graham@sustainableinnovations.biz if you have questions about the Food Technology Exchange and how your company can participate.

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