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Sustainable Innovations offers strategic  expertise to companies and non-profits, and works in partnership to develop "shared value" programs, and improving business performance and care for people and the planet.

We collaborate with our partners on Building Brands and Products with Integrity, Ingredients with Integrity, Marketing with Integrity, Supply Chain Integrity, as well as Global Agricultural Innovation.


  • Retainer based for research, project definition / management, development and launch
  • Success Fee based for sales projects
  • Share of savings or commission on volume
  • Project Manager dedicated to project
  • Regular monthly or bi-weekly reports
  • Satisfaction survey between stages (development, post launch)
  • On-line consumer testing for key decisions (brand name/ assortment)
  • Access to "Experts in their field"
  • Confidential basis with clients
  • Report to Project Team Leader and/or Executive Sponsor
  • References available upon request

Strategic Visioning and Brand and Product Planning

For Strategic Visioning with high performance teams use a 2nd generation brainstorming for high performance teams, based on ‘inventor’s thinking patterns’.

Groups make use of the ‘closed world’ of the existing product including the product itself and its immediate surroundings. The product/process is dissected into components; then rearranged in a recognizable yet highly improved form.

For Brand and Product Planning we used market analysis and market visits to identify assortment and quantify sales potential. We interview customers online to confirm product acceptance, purchase intent and customer education and communication programs required.

We built a credible brand integrity brief to guide sourcing and development decisions, and rolled out a new brand across 12 categories and 150 products within a year.

Better Quality Ingredients

Consumers want to know how and where their products are grown and manufactured, and are looking for healthier choices, authentic ingredients, and cleaner product labels. Brands and retailers are looking for methods to guide consumers to healthier, more sustainable food choices.

We identify new multifunctional ingredients including probiotics, yeasts, ancient grains, super-fruits and fiber ingredients that have multiple flavor and form-enhancing properties in food. We also work to bring new processing and organic ingredient technologies to use in mainstream food formulas for baked goods, snacks, and beverages.

  • Developing and implementing unique and scalable fruit extraction ingredients for beverage companies.
  • Implementing consumer health information programs for new ingredients and traditional foods that contain high nutritional value.
  • Develop dairy products using pro-biotic ingredients for a major retail chain.

Communicating with Integrity

Brands need a guiding framework to position their benefits effectively and differentiate their uniqueness in a compelling way to the consumer. This means building sales using in-store promotion and building customer loyalty using new media techniques.

  • SI has assisted large and small companies alike communicate with inspiring stories, to promote the positive impacts of sustainable practices, and improving product and ingredients, quality and cost.
  • We work with brands that have a soul, values and a proven personal health and sustainability concept.
  • SI gets involved at an early stage to provide brand positioning and product customization, build distribution and develop entry strategy for a new product or company.

 Supply Chain Integrity

Getting the best use of high cost raw materials, assuring integrity and quality, and minimizing waste and recovery of all inputs are important activities for modern supply chains to manage. Tracking inputs, measuring their use and allowing customers to see the improvements builds trust and credibility. Many brands are using the benefits of transparency to improve and secure their core business areas.

  • Mapping supply chain using ISO and WRI reporting standards to understand risks and opportunities and developing a plan that addresses largest impacts.
  • Using material management and product life cycle software to re-engineer our processes to reduce cost and waste.
  • Develop and implement plans to recycle/re-use by-product materials using capture, preserve, and extraction value.
  • Develop and implement efficient energy capture and re-use techniques for energy and water.
  • Address new food safety standards, energy credits, and supplier efficiencies to make your business more sustainable.

Global Agricultural Innovation

Working across agricultural industries from farm owners, labor groups, NGOs and produce sellers, Sustainable Innovations focuses on GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) to increase productivity and quality, driving social and environmental improvements in the agricultural sector. 

  • Developed business plan and raised capital for a multi-stakeholder community initiative with a natural retailer, a local agricultural college, organic produce and livestock suppliers and an organic fertilizer company.
  • Managed project for a pasture raised organic beef and poultry farm, and on-farm meat processor with closed loop waste management.
  • Developed capital plan for fishery community to attract investment in value added processing and fertilizer plant.
  • Developed a successful fundraising plan for coffee and cocoa certification program to expand training and investment in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

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