Sustainable Innovations
Meeting with Burundi Farmers, Exporting First Certified Coffee from Kawa-Nziza

Sustainable Innovations Inc.™ focuses on the development of innovative business solutions that help our partners:

  • address growing nutrition, health and wellness issues;
  • convert food and beverage products to more sustainable, environmentally friendly production and delivery methods;
  • develop local, fresh supply chains with producers; and
  • assure product safety through traceability and quality systems.

Below are some of our key partnerships.

Agriculture, Society & Environment:

Consistent with our goal of developing more local food choices and bringing organic and sustainable farm experience to consumers and under-served communities, Sustainable Innovations Inc.™ is active on many fronts with Sustainable South Shore and Local Food Providers and the SCAA’s START Initiative.

Retail & National Brands:

Partnering with Best in Class service providers Daymon Worldwide - Global Retail Partners and I-Rely - Traceability and Efficiency Software to bring value to our customers.

Supply Chain & Ingredients:

We are working with Tufts University and healthy ingredient companies to foster, explore and develop supply opportunities and partnerships in functional foods and natural health products. More

Food Technology Exchange

The Food Technology Exchange (FTX) is an effort to capitalize on the leadership of Canadian industry, and educational and government institutions in developing new technologies serving the functional food and beverage, and health and wellness markets. The project creates and uncovers potential areas of supply opportunities, collaboration, alliances and partnerships between Canadian and U.S. companies and institutions. More info>

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